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Our farm is open to private appointments by people interested in purchasing alpacas. We have helped several farms get started, yours could be next. We have great prices on starter packages. Please contact us by filling out the form below or by calling 717-873-2475

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Why do some Alpacas have ear tags?
Ear tags can be purchased from your local farm store.The tags are installed in one of the two ears, depending on sex. The male tag is often placed in the left ear and the female tag in the right. Some breeders use one color tag for males and a different one for females. Ear tags create an easy visual system of identification. In the beginning alpaca breeders will know each of the animals in their herd, but as the cria are weaned and shorn, identification mistakes can be made and records of breeding and health care can be confused. Ear tags help the shepherd keep the herd straight.

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