Big Mount Alpacas - 5163 W. Canal Rd. - Dover, PA. 17315  T: 717-873-2475  F: 717-718-5181  
Alpaca Farms

Videos of Alpacas located in Pennsylvania - Big Mount Alpacas - South Central PA.

Watch short alpaca videos shot here at Big Mount Alpacas

Fleece, Fleece, Fleece
Alpaca fleece is exquisite; that's what all the fuss is about, alpaca yarn, alpaca blankets, hats, coats, toys, stuffed animals. It's one of the softest natural fibers on earth. There are 22 recognized colors of alpaca fleece, and quality fleece is the goal of every alpaca farmer. The value of the fleece is in its comfort factor. It is soft, light and insulating. A product that is a hand spinner's delight.

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