Big Mount Alpacas - 5163 W. Canal Rd. - Dover, PA. 17315  T: 717-873-2475  F: 717-718-5181  
Alpaca Farms

Videos of Alpacas located in Pennsylvania - Big Mount Alpacas - South Central PA.

Watch short alpaca videos shot here at Big Mount Alpacas

Why would I want an Alpaca?
There are two good reasons to want an alpaca. They are profitable and enjoyable. Due to a high demand for these beautiful animals and limited supply, returns of up to 70% are enjoyed by many breeders. The Alpaca fleece is also in high demand by textile industries worldwide. Garments made from alpaca fiber are known throughout the world for being soft, warm, durable, light weight and lustrous. Alpacas also have very lovable dispositions and manageable size. Alpacas make wonderful companion animals. They are easily trained and are gentle enough to be handled by children.

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