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2013 Timothy Hay for Sale PA

Hay for Sale in PAWe have first cutting Timothy Hay for sale at our farm. The bales weigh about 45 lbs each. This is good quality horse hay.

2013 Orchardgrass Hay for Sale

We have small square bales of Orchardgrass Hay and Mixed Grass Hay for sale.

Please call 717-873-2475 to speak to Ian or if you are interested in purchasing some of our Pennsylvania hay for sale.

Get Your Hay Early In 2013

Short hay supplies likely in many parts of the country will force buyers and sellers to market differently in 2013, says Dennis Stein, Michigan State University (MSU) Extension farm management specialist. read more...



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Alpacas Versus Llamas
Alpacas are related to llamas and vicunas. They are much smaller than llamas. The easiest way to tell the difference between the two is to look at their ears. Llamas have curved, banana-shaped ears and alpacas have spear-shaped ears. Llamas have many different types of fleece, single-coated, double-coated, many with a great deal of guard hair. Alpacas have been raised by the Incan Indians century upon century continually refining their coats to achieve a blanket whose guard hair is almost as fine as the fleece itself.

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