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Alpaca Boarding/Agisting

One successful way to get started and establish your alpaca herd, especially if you do not have a farm or are not ready to have animals, is through agistment (boarding). Agistment can be either for an indefinite period of time or until you are ready to take your alpacas home.

Big Mount Alpacas offers, for a small fee, to keep your alpacas and look after them as if they were our own. You can visit your alpacas anytime and make all the decisions relating to your animals. Boarding is an effective way of getting started for those without immediate access to land or adequate facilities and is a cost effective way of investing in the alpaca industry. Agistment provides all the benefits of your investment without the daily commitment of looking after your animals and is ideal for those who would like to invest in one starter animal allowing it to be kept within a herd so it will not be stressed by isolation. It is perfect for people building up a herd of their own for a future commitment or merely dabbling in a lucrative investment opportunity.

Your alpacas can be bred and increase in number without any additional outlay of your time or your assets for farm facilities. A daily fee of $4 includes complete daily care: feeding, minerals, routine well-care inoculations, periodic weight checks, nail trimming. The animal owner pays for vet expenses, special services such as training, shows, yearly shearing, transportation, and livestock insurance.

For many Americans, owning their own farm is either not practical or affordable. Or perhaps they own land, but their lifestyle precludes them from taking an active role in caring for their animals. Agistment is a way in which you can enjoy the benefits of owning alpacas without performing the day to day management of your alpacas.

Benefits of Agistment with Big Mount Alpacas

• Alpacas are herd animals that are happier in a group environment

• Well fenced pastures with quality pasture grass as well as shelter and shade

• Daily observation - we are on top of any health problems that may arise

• Our small herd size provides more individualized care and attention

• You are free to visit and inspect boarded alpacas at any time

• We assist in selling your alpacas on a commission basis
The dam’s behavior after the birth
Mothers react differently. Some do not like to nurse until they have passed the afterbirth. Others are attentive immediately. Some first time moms are nervous when the cria pokes around looking for the udder. Some moms will spit at you when you approach the cria, others are proud to have you inspect their baby. Be patient, alpacas are exceptionally good mothers and almost always take loving care of their cria. A few mothers reject their cria or try to kick them off when they nurse. You should check the mother to see if her bag is engorged or if the teats are engorged. If she is engorged she may be in pain and you will need to milk her out. If she rejects the cria it may be that she has lost scent identification. If you still have the placenta, rub that on her.

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